32 relatable moments for runners

Running Mar 24, 2021

Running is hard sport; while athletes of other sports see running as a necessary form of conditioning, runners take joy in pushing themselves to their limit while running and actually run for fun. This determination to not only push through the pain, but to enjoy it has created a mutual sense of understanding among runners; a sense of understanding that non-runners just simply don't get. There are some things that are only relatable to runners because runners are truly a different breed of people.

Here is a list of 32 relatable moments that only runners understand, so that the next time you run into a challenge while running, you can take comfort in knowing that many before you have gone through your struggles and understand what you are going through.

#1. When you just don't want to run  

#2. When your watch GPS takes hours to load

#3. When you forget to stop your watch at the stoplight

#4. When you forget to stop your watch at the stoplight

#5. When you're 30 seconds into the run and you're already tired

#6. Zooming past walkers and feeling like a boss

#7. Wearing the wrong pair of socks on a run

#8. Having the urge to brag on social media after finishing a run

#9. Realizing midway through the run you shouldn't have eaten Taco Bell for lunch

#10. Realizing midway through the run that there are no bathrooms nearby

#11. That one hill

#12. When your go-to run buddy is taking the day off

#13. When your earbuds run out of battery during the run

#14. When your watch runs out of battery during the run

#15. When you go several stoplights in a row without getting a stop

#16. When you run in the winter cold

#17. Bikers

#18. "The Dreadmill"

#19. When you almost get run over at the intersection

#20. What goes down must come back up

#21. When the post-run hunger hits

#22. Black toenails...

#23. Carbs, carbs, carbs

#24. When you find the perfect playlist for running

#25. "On your left"

#26. When your favorite route is closed off for construction

#27. When it starts raining right before your run

#28. When you get that elusive PR

#29. When you get that runner's high

#30. When you have to miss a day of running

#31. When you have to run in the summer heat

#32. When you see a fellow runner

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