What to Do at Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Productivity Mar 22, 2020

All long-term breaks end in regretting the time that you wasted sitting on your couch re-watching The Lion King for the third time this month. Stress built up from the long workdays and short nights filled with restless sleep, that has built up clutter all over your house; whether that be in your sink with dishes or in your living room. Whether that be in your sink with unwashed dishes or your laundry bag waiting for that stench to be cleaned off, the coronavirus definitely has a silver lining.

As spring comes around, the sun peeking in through your dirty windows prompts you to start spring cleaning. The sun also brings awareness of your pet’s hair littering every inch of your floor. With all this free time, it is definitely a great idea to replace leisure with cleanliness. Taking your mind off of things can be extremely easy when you put your mind to it.

According to a survey that was conducted regarding hobbies, 80% of respondents reported that they have at least one hobby. Hobbies create a distraction from a task at hand (helping you procrastinate) but still keeping you productive. Unfortunately, approximately 66% of surveyors regretted not having enough time for their hobbies. While cleaning, adding efficiency and accessibility to your environment is never a bad idea. Changing your atmosphere will compliment stress-ridden workdays which pull you down further. Adding tones such as blue and green into your house provokes a more positive setting.

Green living room corner
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Another hobby to take up and start doing more frequently is a mixture of cooking and baking. Baking is a proven stress reliever and serves as an outlet for stress while also being a healthy distraction. Reading books is also a fantastic, quiet way of passing time. You can do this anywhere at any time and look smart while you’re at it. Additionally, there are so many ways of accessing them audibly now that it is easier than ever to passively read while doing other things.

Woman with a tattoo holding up a stack of books.
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Involving yourself in the arts can mean many things. In the wake of coronavirus, some excellent options include illustration, painting, and tie-dye. This can help you unwind from all the stress you may have accumulated throughout the day in a healthy way. Discover some new hobbies and maybe a little about yourself on the way. There are a great many hobbies you could do but some of the best in times of long periods of indoors include cooking, playing board games, and a great one for runners: yoga. Yoga along with being a calming activity, has several health benefits. Benefits include increased flexibility, improved respiration, and an overall feeling of self-improvement. With all things considered, take this time given to you to indulge in things that you have never tried before or are interested in. This corona outbreak may seem very devastating, but the implications can also invite new opportunities and maybe even some new hobbies that you thoroughly enjoy!

Salted chocolate chip cookie recipe on www.foodess.com
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With everyone being indoors, and overall activities being much quieter in general, it’s an excellent time to try new things. In the wake of this widespread virus, it is easy to be frightened and scared of going outside. However, there are a multitude of different and engaging activities that can occur right in the comfort of your home.

With that being said: Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, and StayRunning

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