StayRunning Plank Challenge

We'd like to introduce the StayRunning Plank Challenge, a challenge where an Instagram user shares a photo or video of them planking on their story. Our aim for this challenge is to raise money for the Covid-19 crisis relief efforts by donating $1 for every user who does this. We're also trying to encourage those who are quarantined in their homes to use this time to exercise by asking people to do a plank.

To help donate a to Covid-19 relief efforts, simply:

  • Post a picture or video of you doing a plank on your story
  • Tag 5 friends to do the challenge
  • Share the announcement post or tag StayRunning
  • Post your best plank time if you want to compete with friends

Challenge Terms

StayRunning commits to donating up to $500 to one of the non-profits listed in this document to help fight COVID-19 and assist those affected by COVID-19. If more than 500 people have completed the challenge and are eligible to count towards a donation, StayRunning commits to seeking a partnering entity to assist in donating more than $500 in order to continue our efforts towards this cause.  

Any Instagram story post is eligible to count for a $1 donation to COVID-19 relief efforts if it has satisfied all of the following requirements and has been posted to the user's story before the end date announced on StayRunning's Instagram page:

  • A picture or video is posted on the Instagram user’s story clearly showing them doing a “Standard plank” or “Forearm plank”, as defined here.
  • The Instagram user’s account, and by extension, their story is public and viewable by the @Stayrunning Instagram account, this means the user cannot have blocked @Stayrunning.
  • The Instagram user must have tagged at least 5 other Instagram users in their story calling on them to complete the challenge in a clear and direct way.
  • The Instagram user must also tag @Stayrunning in their original Instagram story or they must share the original “Challenge Post” from the @Stayrunning Instagram account on their story.
  • The story was posted on the Instagram user's story after the start date of April 9th, 2020 before the end date of April 24th, 2020.

Eligible non-profits to help the COVID-19 relief effort include:

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy has established the COVID-19 Response Fund to support preparation, containment and recovery needs with a focus on nonprofit organizations working in areas with high numbers of cases and those working with vulnerable populations in those areas, including hourly and gig economy workers, immigrants, elderly adults and individuals with disabilities.
Through its national network of food banks across the United States, Feeding America is managing increased volume and frequency of food distributions as well as additional mobile distribution centers in communities most affected by COVID-19.
Modest Needs provides short-term, emergency financial assistance to individuals and families in the United States and Canada. The organization focuses on those that may not qualify for federal assistance, with the ultimate goal to prevent at-risk households from falling into poverty. Modest Needs has launched an emergency assistance fund to help hourly employees that have been affected by business closings due to the pandemic.
The American Red Cross is providing crucial supplies to hospitals around the world such as blood donations, medical supplies, and critical relief services to people affected in small cities.

StayRunning will make its best attempt to evenly distribute the donated funds to the organizations listed above. StayRunning also commits to publicly displaying verification of the donation. StayRunning will donate and post the relevant receipt or information within at least one month of each eligible story. Each donation will be paid either in groups of amounts greater than $1 or in single donations of $1. StayRunning is committed to donating funds for COVID-19 relief for the better good of the people.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, & StayRunning

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