What are some good running/tracking apps?

Running Aug 11, 2020

Majority of experienced runners or even new runners tend to spice their experience every time they step on a surface. Fortunately, we are lucky that in the modern 2010s, we have hundreds of apps that can benefit your grind to be the best possible runner you can be. These apps come in various styles to provide extra support as a distance tracker, music player, coach, and even a emergency life saver.


Strava is a more widely known app that consists of a GPS and a metric tracker. There is a monthly fee for upgrades and extra functions , but the free method is still a way to go. The Strava app allows you to upload your own runs and as well as follow other runners on their journey. Strava is like a runner’s Instagram as you are able to comment your opinions, join club challenges and record every step of your experience on the go.

Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect is a more complex app that allows you to set a certain goal, edit data from runs and review your running situation at the moment. Garmin Connect also consists of a wearable item that includes sensors that detect multiple self data like heart rate, calories and daily steps. Garmin Connect is compatible with Strava and Apple Health when a runner decides that they want to check or even upload a session from Garmin Connect.

Nike Run Club

This app is by far the most popular among runners and families.There are many features on the app like the complete storage process of runs through audio by coaches/athletes, global challenges to compete on leader boards, and even trophies/achievements for accomplishments. Nike Run Club is used on a watch and is compatible with all of Apple’s official health and music apps. The runners who use Nike Run Club are motivated and feel secure at all times by the GPS lock on and 24/7 badges.


iSmoothRun is a less complex app as the functions are organized in a simple way for the viewer. A unique feature from this app is that it consists of a map where it marks the route you took and highlights the parts of the run when you are faster or slower. iSmoothRun is compatible with audio apps and podcast sessions which is very important for some runner’s experience. iSmoothRun also gives the runner feedback through audio announcements and as well as weather updates.

These running apps are not just a feature on a screen of our latest technology, but a support system that allows us to feel motivated, secured, organized and determined on our greatest runs. Any old or new runner should download one of these apps to spice their experience during their sweat and tear moments

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, & StayRunning!
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Hong (Zane) Zheng

Hello, I am from short distance runner from Texas. Some of my hobbies besides running track are chilling outside, helping people and spending time with the people I appreciate.

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